It’s time to focus on your added value: create applications and develop your App Store business, instead of worrying about your accounts.

AppStar 2.7 is the business analytics solution you need to easily and efficiently manage your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app sales.

Access your products or regional sales data in a few clicks, keep all your resources, rankings and reviews at your fingertips, follow up on your competitors, get instant snapshots of the money Apple owes you, and easily reconcile your payments.

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AppStar 2.7 compiles your iTunes Connect reports automatically. It presents your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch app sales data in a user-friendly dashboard:

  • Get an instant overview of revenue generated on the App Store.
  • Visualize splits among sales, upgrades, downloads and refunds.
  • Analyze sales generated by region, country or product, and see which of your apps are best sellers at a glance.

You can choose to view your sales data in the currency of your choice among the 64 currencies managed by AppStar 2.7. You can also customize the period displayed: daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or the precise period of your choice.

Financial stats

Apple sends developers monthly financial reports and only pays them when $150 of sales has been generated by region. Keeping track of payments can be complex… unless you’re using AppStar 2.7.

AppStar 2.7 instantly processes the financial data Apple sends you and presents it in an easy-to-use visual display. With just a glance at AppStar 2.7, you can see region-by-region data for:

  • Financial reports sent by Apple
  • Processed payments
  • Pending payments

Once payments are received, you can view which period they correspond to and reconcile them with the amounts you effectively received in your local currency.

To manage your financial data effectively and easily, try AppStar 2.7 now!

Financial stats


Keep all your application resources at your fingertips:

  • Store, in one place, all your product descriptions and screenshots per version, language and country.
  • Access your App Store product page directly per product and publisher.
  • Follow up on your competitors’ activity: prices, categories, languages, screenshots, texts, reviews, rankings, etc.
  • Compare your rankings with those of your competitors.

You can store all your marketing materials, and those of your competitors, in one place. You can instantly access all the marketing information you need to improve your software and your business.


How do your applications perform compared to those of your competitors?

  • Access your live rankings and those of your competitors - up to level 300.
  • Compare per category and/or per country.
  • Customize which applications you want to compare, up to 100 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch apps.
  • Follow history across the period of your choice and instantly view trends.

AppStar 2.7 provides you an instant snapshot of how your applications and those of your competitors are perceived!



Selling your products worldwide requires that you be present in more than 90 App Stores; you also need to manage what customers say in all those stores.

AppStar 2.7 gives you instant access to what users say about your applications!

  • Access all reviews in one place.
  • Sort by reviews you have read or not.
  • Filter positive or negative reviews, by version and country.
  • While the App Store doesn’t allow you to copy and paste reviews, you can do this with AppStar 2.7: use powerful customer comments to improve product descriptions and convince partners.

Thanks to AppStar 2.7, save time managing your reviews. Be more effective in managing customer comments.

Competition monitoring

AppStar 2.7 is not only the tool you need to efficiently manage your sales and financial assets; it is also a very powerful tool to follow what your competitors are doing:

  • Keep an eye on the way competitors describe their apps.
  • Stay up-to-date on their price positioning.
  • Get an instant grasp of what consumers are saying about their apps and the rankings they give.

Spying on your competitors has never been this easy. Stay ahead of the curve: try AppStar 2.7 now!

Competition Monitoring

AppStar 2 Lite

AppStar 2 Lite is a simplified version of our best-selling program AppStar 2. Import your sales and payment reports from iTunes Connect, and AppStar 2 Lite will compile all of the data and present it in an easy-to-view format. You’ll instantly see all of your sales and earnings from the App Store or the Mac App Store.

AppStar2 Lite is only available from the Mac App Store.

AppStar 2 AppStar 2 Lite
Unlimited developer accounts
Unlimited apps
Sales reports
Financial reports
App Store sales
Mac App Store sales
iBook Store sales
Automatic import
Resource storage
Historical and live rankings
Review management
Competition monitoring
Payment reconciliation
iAd Support
Price $24.99 $4.99
Available from Mac App Store

In a fast-growing app market, AppStar 2.7 is the must-have analytics software for developers, publishers and mobile agencies.
It’s time to do some serious business; it’s time to use AppStar 2.7.

System requirements

AppStar 2.7 requires Mac OS X v. 10.6 or later.